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Carol Bolin has been so helpful for my health and wellness. I was tired of going to traditional doctors, only to be given pharmaceutical medications, and never really know the root of my issues. Carol helped me restore my gut health, educated me on how important it is to keep your adrenal glands healthy and happy, and has given me wonderful tools to help with all kinds of different ailments such as hot flashes, indigestion, stress, and fatigue. She is a plethora of knowledge when it comes to trying natural remedies and supplements to help ailments in the body, and she works hard with her clients to find the root cause. After seeing her for several months, and using her recommended supplements, and  vitamins, my hair which had originally been falling out and breaking in huge clumps, grew back and restored itself to once again feel thick and shiny. I highly recommend Carol if you are looking to work with a naturopath!


I sought out a naturopathic approach to my medial needs because I was tired of the western medical tradition and regimen of over prescribing medication that does not get to the core of the medical issue. In 2020, I was delighted to find Carol Bolin at Naturopathic Wellness.  Carol helped me address challenges with my overall bone health, joint pain and most recently, digestive and gut health issues.

Her vast knowledge of such diverse medical issues is truly amazing.  With her ability to access and determine a path to improvement through non-invasive testing, food suggestions as well as the use of Standard Process supplements, my joint pain is in check and my gut health has improved.  After taking the Bone Health Panel (saliva/urine test), she addressed a supplement for my hormone deficiencies that will benefit with my overall bone health.


Carol goes out of her way to supplement information as a follow up to our appointments. It is obvious that she continues to think about her clients even after their appointments have ended.  Once, we had a brief conversation about my dog’s crazy allergies and she suggested a supplement (through Standard Process) as well as changing the food we gave her.  After the appointment, she emailed me with wonderful suggestions and after changing my dog’s food to a human food grade brand, her allergies have improved immensely.


I would have never thought that my dog would have benefitted as I began my journey into naturopathic wellness, but this just speaks to the breadth and depth of knowledge that Carol has.


If you are looking for a holistic, natural approach to your issues, I cannot recommend a more dedicated, patient, knowledgeable or hard-working person than Carol Bolin.


Bowling Green, Ohio

I’m thankful for your services. I had experienced years of mild health issues that I thought would eventually work themselves out but instead things only became more obvious and noticeable to me. I knew I needed help but the standard doctors only wanted to treat me with unnatural medicine which has other side effects and could cause more harm to my body in the long run. When I found out you were relatively close to my area, I knew this would be an easy trip to make to your office. You quickly identified my root causes to my symptoms and put me on a straight forward path. Each month I saw improvements that let me know I was doing the right thing. This has been a priceless journey that I will always be grateful for.


Thank you to Carol for all her help.  She was very helpful in reviewing my diet and suggesting helpful changes and additions, and well as suggesting supplements to help with digestion as well as high blood pressure.  My digestion as well as weight and blood pressure improved. She was courteous, knowledgeable, and listened to my specific health needs and concerns.


Carol is passionate about both healing and educating her patients. Since giving birth 5 yrs ago I have always felt "off". Frequent bouts with sinus issues leading to health anxiety attacks, joint pain, chronic fatigue, high BP, insulin resistance, neck tightness and upper back pain have plagued me since I became a first time mom at 38.  After multiple visits to my GP and an ENT to no resolve, I started to research naturopathic doctors. Carol came up in my search first so I gave her a call. She gave me new insights that I would have never considered on what may be causing my issues and we addressed them immediately. After supplements, a cleanse and worksheets to guide me when I need them I feel my symptoms dissipating and my path to recovery has finally been found.  Truly a blessing. Thank you so much!


I have had G.I. issues for most of my life and had been put on a restricted diet for about a year and a half before I started working with Carol. Before our first meeting, I did not have a plan for my healing process other than not eating the foods that affected me. Within a couple months, Carol was able to resolve my lifelong G.I. issues. She put me on a three-part probiotic regiment that lasted a little over a month and I saw amazing results. I have also been able to add foods back into my diet and learned a great deal about what my body needs and how to sustain my health results moving forward. This has been a great victory for me in my life. After so many years, I no longer have G.I. issues.

Danny, 22

Thanks so much for helping us with our daughter’s digestive problems. It was so difficult to listen and watch her be in so much pain so many evenings and know that there wasn’t anything we could do to help her. The frequent visits to the ER and not getting any real answers was so hard. The supplements you suggested after our visit have been extremely helpful and now, she has been able to get back to a regular life without the constant fear of abdominal pain. She was so limited in what she could eat and now has been gradually increasing the foods she can eat so that she has a much more well-rounded diet.
We appreciate that although we started on 5-6 different supplements to get her back to a more normal gut – you helped us get her down to 2-3 that she will need to take on a more regular basis. This is so helpful with her limited income.
It is great to have our happy daughter back!!

Thanks again,


My experience with Carol Bolin occurred after I had been consulting my regular physician about chest discomfort, breathlessness and strange rushing type feelings in my neck and head. My doctor gave me medicine and I only got worse. I went back and the doctor gave me more medicine and still I got worse. It was then that I decided to consult a naturopath and I found Carol Bolin's name. She gave me some herbal supplements and they helped me a great deal. She listens to concerns and offers suggestions and she has helped me.




After having major IBSD issues and having all the tests through a gastroenterologist which found nothing physically wrong with me, I turned to my own research through the internet and books.  I came to realize my poor health choices:  stress, poor eating habits, and the need to grow spiritually.  I needed to make personal changes.  So I have learned now to relax, to eat food in their natural state (unprocessed) and to ground myself spiritually.  The one thing I was missing was good nutritional supplements. A friend referred me to Carol who then set me up with great supplements.  I'm feeling well and am so grateful to have found Carol and her wealth of nutritional knowledge.




I came to Carol Bolin ND six months ago with fibromyalgia symptoms, several food sensitivities and digestive issues.  Carol quickly tested my body and evaluated how to address my most prominent symptoms.  Through using Standard Process supplements, I’ve stopped taking a proton pump inhibitor which I had been taking for 17 years, and my gut is healing.  I have more energy.  After a few months, my symptoms stopped improving and were a bit erratic.  Carol ordered a stool test.  This showed a parasite which I had probably struggled with for years (undiagnosed), and Carol was able to address this too.  My food sensitivities are starting to improve and my digestive issues are at a minimum.  I would highly recommend Carol Bolin ND.  Her vast knowledge, experience, and perseverance has helped my health and spirit to improve immensely.  One of the biggest gifts Carol has given me is Hope.  She listens intently, is very responsive and encouraging, believes my experiences, and is motivated to learn and explain root causes and healing options.



Toledo, OH

I sought out Carol Bolin NAP ND after I became totally disgusted with Western Medicine diagnosis.  I was very aware that Natural Medicine would be better for my body then covering up the root cause of one's illness.  Diagnosed with Hashimoto's since age 24 and then later Fibromyalgia at age 32, I had been placed on many different medications for the pain.  These worked only for a few weeks and then something else would be tried at their place.  What a horrible roller coaster and still no relief.  I began looking into Naturopathic Wellness, that is where Carol Bolin NAP ND came in. Carol listened to all I told her, ran tests and we started with a food elimination process for the inflammation that was causing so much of the pain.  She also tested my adrenals which were in dire need of assistance.  My goal was to stop taking as many pharmaceuticals as possible!  Within 3 weeks of eliminating certain foods most of my pain was gone.  I was able to walk with ease.  I stopped taking my pain med the same day I started the elimination of foods.  I also avoided nightshades to help with the Hashimoto's.  I found that gluten and nightshades cause most of my pain by maintaining a food journal.  I used that very closely to evaluate my feelings everyday from pain to emotion. Carol used specific supplements to replace what I was deficient in and to get my body back to where it should be.  Following a whole foods diet is key in that the nutrients in the whole foods are the right medicine for your  body.I couldn't be more happy with Carol as my Naturopath!  I only wish I started with Carol earlier.  She cares about getting to the root cause and your wellness. Happy Wellness!


Gibsonburg, Ohio

I have learned a lot about my body, nutrition, vitamins and minerals working with Carol Bolin.  I was taking two kinds of medication and with Carol’s assistance in balancing out other things inside of my body, I am no longer taking those medications. I feel much better!
Carol’s knowledge of the systems within our body is excellent and she explains what is happening within an individual very succinctly and professionally.

I would highly recommend Carol to anyone who asks.  Thank you!

Karen L Hover


I feel grateful and fortunate to have known of Carol Bolin as a Naturopath many years before I was in need of her services.  I contacted Carol because I became ill, not knowing it was cancer at the time.  She was absolutely exactly what I needed at the time - very supportive and knowledgeable.

I continue to feel marvelous - eating organically, minimizing harmful chemicals and taking my supplements. It is not an easy path to begin to take care of the body in a different way but one that is well worth it.  

I feel confident I will continue on this path to wholeness with Carol being a part of my care.



I have consulted with Carol Bolin for several issues.  Carol has helped me get to the root of my problems, and the problems have been taken care of.  She has done this with information and supplements and without chemical pharmaceuticals, which I am thrilled about.
I am very comfortable recommending her to many friends who are looking for a natural remedy to their problems. Carol always listens with care and gives me valuable information for the problems I have encountered.

Libby Dixon


I would recommend Naturopathic Wellness, Carol Bolin, NAP, ND practitioner.


Carol is very respectful and caring. I have learned valuable facts about nutrition, exercise, and supplementation from her. She is helping me to figure out what my body needs to be healthy and motivating me to be serious about taking care of myself through educating me about natural methods .


Standard Process is one of the companies she recommends. They provide whole food supplements and are a very reputable company. She also utilizes the Standard Process Systems Survey, which is geared toward assessing the nutritional needs of each individual and is very effective.


I feel better, look better, and am experiencing less stress. I have been taking supplements for a few years now and most of what I have been taking has been based on guessing what I need. Since I have been consulting with Carol, I am more confident that I am actually taking supplements that my body really needs, through the Systems Survey and the education that I am receiving from Carol. Consulting with Carol has saved me time and money.


Since I feel better, I am motivated to begin and stick with an exercise program, which I have never done before. 


She is also teaching me about different kinds of foods and the effect on the body when eaten. This education on nutritional value is leading me to cut some foods out of my diet and add other foods which are more effective for living a better, healthier life.


Carol is providing tools that I need to be able to take care of my mind and body in a healthy, natural way. 

Deborah J. Simon

I have been a client of Dr. Bolin for the past 4 months and have been extremely satisfied. I initially found out about her after searching for naturopathic providers in Toledo area online.


I have been struggling with acne prone skin for over 10 years, and I was really hopeless after visiting some of the area’s “best” dermatologists for 6+ years.  I thought it was finally time to try a natural approach, and I am sure glad that I went to Dr. Bolin.  She did a thorough review of all systems on the first visit and found other underlying issues I had that weren’t getting any attention. By tackling some internal issues and enhancing my diet to make sure I am getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals, I honestly feel a lot better as a person. I feel more refreshed everyday and have higher energy levels, meanwhile my skin is reaping the benefits.


Dr. Bolin is very attentive to my needs, and is extremely knowledgeable about the various options for addressing my issues. She is extremely flexible, spending extra time with each client and establishing a regimen that is best for each one. I have never had to wait at her office, unlike many other doctors, and I have contacted her through e-mail or telephone when I cannot stop by her office. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking a natural approach to becoming healthy.



The day I was traveling from Tanzania to the US, I started feeling sick. With the uncontrollable, cough I knew it was my asthma attack. It was too late for me to go see a doctor having to get ready to go to the airport. I was thankful I was able to make my flight but I was miserable the first week in Bowling Green, having to stay in as it was hard for me to stop the coughing once it started, making it hard for me to talk, rest, and sleep. I know I had some kind of lung infection and needed to see a doctor, but my health insurance coverage had just expired.


I was so glad my friend Lisa told me about Naturopath Carol Bolin.  I have always believed in natural/herbal/alternative medicine and holistic approaches when it comes to treatment, but I would not have thought it would work for something like asthma. I was so desperate that I would try anything.  Carol Bolin suggested 3 supplements, along with the aid of essential oil. After a few days of faithfully taking all the supplements I started to feel a difference. It worked! I could actually recover without antibiotics.


I have felt much healthier since that recovery from asthma attack. I'm so grateful and glad I gave naturopathy a try. I highly recommend Naturopath Carol Bolin.


Yen Lin

I was extremely satisfied with the care that I received. My initial consultation wasn't just about filling out a form and listing off my symptoms. Carol looked at each and every item and helped me recognize some areas to improve on to enhance my overall well being. We talked for a long time not only about physical issues, but also things that have occurred that have affected me emotionally. It was important to recognize how every little thing played a part in my health. We were able to come up with a plan of diet changes and adding some vitamins and exercise, and I have been feeling much better ever since! I am so glad that I decided to take a more holistic route for my self care. Thank you again! 



Dear Carol:


I am soooo grateful for your help. You have put me on the right track with my diet and food intolerances. You helped explain reasons for my symptoms which I have been having for years!  I appreciate that you try to discover "why" there are symptoms; you help find solutions for the symptoms but  you also get to the root cause of issues.  Thank you for everything!




I participated in the 10-day blood sugar program, Feb. 6-15. I didn't know what to expect. The first three days I was extremely tired and even had to take naps, which is something I never do. I figured my body was going through detox. By day nine, my energy was back to normal. My experience was very positive. I enjoyed the new way of eating and have continued on that path. I would do the 10-day program again. 


Pauline Miller


Naturopathic Wellness has changed my knowledge on how my body, along with my children’s, functions and the needs we have.  The information is clear and easy to follow along with the quick response and courteous checkups on the clients after appointments.  It truly has put me at ease.  We have seen some great changes and look forward to a healthy future. 


Thank you Naturopathic Wellness.




I was so excited when I discovered Carol Bolin!  When I started college, my face began to breakout like it had never done before.  I was not used to experiencing extreme breakouts.  At the same time I had started to “clean” up my diet, getting into natural foods and medicines.  My face was so bad that it was really putting a damper on my self-esteem.   Of course, I was feeling pressure from friends to “just go to a dermatologist and get some antibiotics that would clear my face up in a couple of days.”  This was certainly not what I wanted to do.  I wanted to get to the root cause of what was creating my acne.  I wanted to approach this imbalance a holistic way.  And that is exactly what Carol did.  She takes the time to listen and figure out what is really going on.  She gives you the materials you need and doesn't try to make you do something or take a supplement that isn't serving you.  She doesn't try and make you stay on supplements longer than what your body needs.  I especially liked that I could talk to Carol about certain foods/products in the health food world and she actually knew what they were.  Carol gave suggestions and guidance toward what foods to lessen consumption of and what foods would be helpful to add into my diet.  Carol and I worked together to create a personalized plan to balance my body out after discovering that my acne was being caused by an imbalance of hormones and high stress levels.  It has been about six months now and my face is almost healed.  I may only experience a breakout every so often.  I am still on my journey to healing, but I have seen tremendous improvement.  I couldn't have asked for much more.  Having someone there to guide you on your journey to living a healthier lifestyle is extremely reassuring.  If you are looking to improve your health and want to have someone there to help guide you and give you the right tools to do so, I definitely recommend Carol!


Thanks for everything Carol!




Thank you so much for all of your help! I was at a precarious point with my nutrition and digestion issues. With my previous health issues I am a complicated case and it is hard to sift through all of the information available and apply it to me specifically. After 1 week of implementing your suggestions, I could tell a marked improvement. After one month of using supplements and changing my eating habits the ways you suggested, my symptoms have decreased by 90%! No matter what I tried on my own I never had any improvement of which to speak. What a difference!


Thank you again. God Bless and Thank You For All Your Help.

Jody Hathaway


I loved the detox! It really helped me with my sugar cravings and helped me to eliminate sugar from my diet. I feel amazing and would recommend this to anyone. This detox gave me a jump start on a new, improved way of eating.



I really enjoyed the discipline of participating in the 10 Day Blood Sugar Program. I wanted to do it to reset my blood sugar. The shakes were great and filling. Going forward, I really want to be intentional in what I put into my body.

Libby Dixon


My name is Margaret Malanga, and I did the Standard Process 21-day Purification Program in November of 2013.


I had been having to lay down for two hours every day and was struggling to get out of bed every morning. At night, however, I was having trouble falling asleep. I had been on Ambien for over ten months for insomnia and couldn't get off of it. I talked to Carol Bolin and she suggested I try a purification program that would also help cleanse organs like the liver.


I started on November 1st and within 5 days, I was sleeping through the night without any medicine! I was amazed and truly grateful. As the cleanse continued, I had more and more energy throughout the day. I wasn't having to lay down and was therefore able to complete my household duties and care for my two little children more easily. I would and have recommended the 21 Day Purification Program to anyone with chronic fatigue because this cleanse could really help.


Margaret Malanga


When I am seeking assistance to improve my health or resolve an illness, I look for someone who is easily accessible, has current, accurate knowledge, and professionally makes recommendations that will help. I have found all this in Carol Bolin as a naturopath. Recently with her timely assistance, I was able to overcome a lingering upper respiratory issue and regain strength and health. Thank you, Carol!

Sharon, BSN


Carol was very knowledgeable, thorough and easy to work with. She was sympathetic as well as understanding of my needs and goals because she genuinely took the time to listen and understand them. The personal/custom plan we developed together was/is a total-body approach that required and empowered me to take control of my own health. I truly believe we are our own best doctors if we embrace the responsibility. Her goal was my long-term health and vitality rather than symptom treatment. She offered an alternative to medication with nutrition and balance. After being in and out of specialist for years, Carols’ holistic and common-sense approach was incredibly refreshing, effective, and exactly what I needed.

I have spent literally thousands of dollars on specialist throughout many years, taken hosts of pain killers and treatment medications and endured painful and demeaning procedures that often left me worse off.  I felt a deep dissolution and resentment for the medical community on top of my actual pains and issues. After a few months with Carol I finally have hope of thriving in this body God has given me. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone for almost any health related advice. Her practice and philosophy is something deeply lacking in our culture. I truly hope her practice continues to grow so more people can be healed.




After experiencing much success when Carol Bolin, naturopathic practitioner, helped my son with his food sensitivities, we visited her with my son, David.

David, age 20, was experiencing severe headaches.  They were in the back of his head, extending around the sides and the top.  He saw a neurologist.  Ruling out the bleakest diagnosis, he treated him with migraine medication (an antidepressant).  The results of the treatment were nill.  David still had a dull headache and felt lethargic.  We let the doctor know, and he switched medicines but David still felt cloudy, tired, and dysfunctional.

We then went to a chriopractor to see if there was interference with his nerve function, requiring manipulation.  After several treatments, he stood straighter but the headaches were still pressing.

Finally, we took him to Carol Bolin, Naturopath.  She assessed his situation and suggested a regime of supplements.  After three weeks, the headaches had gone.  It is now three months since we saw Carol Bolin, and David continues his supplements and has had no headache.

Thank you, Carol Bolin!



We have searched for years to uncover the cause of Jon’s stomach pains, acid reflux, diarrhea, and bloating.  After taking the route of x-rays of his digestive tract, food diaries, and prescritption medications, we were still at a dead-end.  He slept propped up but still tasted bile.  We were concerned that these symptoms were a reaction to stress or anxiety, but could find no correlation.

Then we came to Carol Bolin for help.

After her evaluation of my son, followed by a bloodspot test, we were intrigued to discover that he was sensitive to a range of foods that seemed so unrelated, i.e. dairy products and garlic, peanuts and mustard, eggs and soy.  Within 24 hours of removing all these foods from his diet, Jon felt total relief.  He continues to follow the plan and takes healing supplements that Carol Bolin recommended.

One of the results that he has benefited from most is the sleep he is now able to get!  Since he was eleven, he would get up in the night to use the restroom.  When we came to Carol, he was up in the night an average of six to eight times.  Today, he feels rested after a full night’s sleep.

Additionally, since he so accommodated the need to go to the bathroom all the time, he did not realize the amount of time it robbed from his day and night.  Being a freshman in college, he just took his computer to the bathroom so he could keep working.  In retrospect, he noted that he couldn’t even play the second half of a ballgame due to stomach pain and the need to use the toilet.  He never attended an event without spending considerable amount of time in the restroom.  So his whole life has improved.

Eventually, we will rotate the foods back into his diet to see what he can tolerate.  But currently, the wellness he is experiencing far outweighs the restrictedness of his diet.

Thank you, Carol Bolin, ND!



I contacted Carol Bolin of Naturopathic Wellness a few months ago, interested in overall wellness. The initial consultation she performed was extensive and very informative. Carol expressed genuine interest in my health and overall well being. She had suggestion on how to improve my overall health, but also she gave recommendations on specific issues I was concerned about. She is very passionate about her work and that reflects in the knowledge she provides to her clients.

The products that she suggested by Standard Process have helped not only me, but also my children. In fact, last winter was the first one that my little 5 year old son went through without using a nebulizer. Carol suggested a few home remedies and also some food supplements that kept my son healthier than before. 

Overall, I truly believe in the value of the services and products Carol offers.



I came to Naturopath Carol for help with my severe acne.  I had tried countless creams and lotions, out of desperation, and all had failed.  I was considering prescription medication but was hesitant because of the harmful side effects. 

With Carol Bolin’s guidance, I focused on battling the cause of my acne.  By switching to a healthier diet, using Standard Process supplements, and following her advice, I have completely clear skin with no nasty side effects. These changes have not only improved my skin, but thanks to her expertise, my overall health is better.  I also have more energy and get sick less often.

I can’t thank Naturopath Carol Bolin enough.  I highly recommend her services.



We wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for listening when no one else did.  Thank you for helping our son be a normal happy boy again.


My experience with Carol Bolin has been excellent.  I began working with her because I had been dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome for a number of years.  After Carol’s assessment and testing, she recommended a few things.

Carol described to me what foods I may be reacting to negatively.  I have eliminated those foods from my diet.  Another area where Carol’s expertise was helpful was her recommendations regarding food supplements.

I have followed Carol’s recommendations for several months and have experienced improvement in two areas.  First, for a few months I have been able to exercise at a pace that is significantly better than I have been able to for years.  Secondly, I have been able to lose weight for the first time in approximately five years.  I am happy and expect to continue to make progress.

Thank you, Carol!



When I came to see Carol, I was experiencing bloating, gas, constipation with occasional diarrhea.  Following her assessment, doing a food sensitivity test, and taking supplements, I began to lose weight and stopped experiencing painful bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.  I have a much better mood and more energy.



I was referred to Naturopathic Wellness and Carol Bolin last year by a friend.  I was seeing my physician to identify a reason for an “abnormal weight gain” diagnosis, as well as fatigue and extreme mood swings.  After enduring two months of excessive tests, time and money, my physician could not determine a cause for my health concerns.  Her reaction made me feel as if she believed my concerns were not real, and she told me there was nothing she could do.

I approached my first session with Carol as a trial with no obligation.  After the resources already committed, the investment in an initial consultation seemed minimal to obtain a second opinion.  The initial consultation paperwork and assessment process used by Carol assured me that her recommendations were well thought out and in the best interest of my long-term health.  Also, I was comforted to know the symptoms I was experiencing were very real signs of health concerns.

With Carol’s help, I have made significant progress.  The Standard Process products and Carol’s coaching have provided methods to address those symptoms of most concern.  The time Carol devotes to my appointments and her availability for questions or coaching outside my appointments is impressive.  Additionally, as Carol helps me decide the course of treatment I feel is best, my commitment to the treatment plan is very high.  I also feel empowered to make changes or adjust the plan if needed. 

I am committed to the long term goal of not needing any supplements to assist those body processes which should occur naturally.  I see path to reach this goal as a journey to better understand the lifestyle changes needed to support my long-term health.  As a partner, Carol is aligned with this goal and I am reassured to know she will continue to coach me on the best methods to obtain my goal.



A few months ago, I was experiencing unresolved anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, and nausea.  I went to my regular M.D. and he did a number of tests but could find nothing wrong.  I started taking an antidepressant, but it really didn’t fix my symptoms.  I had heard of Carol Bolin, N.D.through a local health fair.  I met with her and we discussed my symptoms.  I told her I was somewhat skeptical of naturopathy, especially homeopathics.  However, I have some family members that have had significant positive results with naturopathic doctors.  She said that she was was open to tailoring a health plan to me and what I wanted to try, instead of telling me that I could only approach my problems in one way.  She recommended some supplements called Standard Process, based on the symptoms that I was experiencing.  Standard Process supplements are based on a whole food concept, which means that all nutrients are concentrated forms of how you would find them in real, healthy food, not just megadoses of certain vitamins.  This common sense approach appealed to me.

After a few weeks, I started feeling better.  I met again with Carol and we re-evaluated my symptoms, changing some of the supplements as my symptoms changed.  After this adjustment, I felt an even bigger difference within a few weeks.  I also had an unexpected pleasant surprise of weight loss of about 8 pounds that I have kept off, even though I have not changed my calorie intake!  Even though the supplements aren’t cheap, I feel that my health and well-being are worth it, and will be healthier than a lifetime of prescription drugs that may or may not help anyways.  Plus, they may be helping my body prevent problems that may cause symptoms or diseases in the future.

Carol is a caring person who really wants to help improve our health and lifestyle.  I appreciate the fact that she understands my desire to get the maximum benefit for the least expense.  She periodically sends me emails with lifestyle and health information.  Her helpful, inexpensive tips have helped me make better food and nutrition choices.  She is always available by email to answer my questions.



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