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Wellness Services

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" (Hippocrates 460-37 BC).  Greek physician and founding father of medicine, Hippocrates stressed that nature has healing forces and that disease is the body's expression of being out of balance.  Naturopathy combines nature & science to restore the body to health, based on its innate ability to heal.  While formalized in the 1800's, naturopathy has been practiced for well over two thousand years. 

Holistic health takes into account physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states, while including lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, & stress.  Individuals become empowered with the ability to change how they feel, look, and perform.   All the information now available on the internet, in magazines, and various other sources can be confusing.  Consulting with a qualified Naturopath can be an important part of your healthcare effort whether you are dealing with a health issue or just desiring to learn how to stay healthy.

Doctor's Desk
Full Initial Consultation

90 min   |   $230

This 90 minute consultation

is designed to address short

and long term health issues

as well as prevention

for the healthy individual.


Some things covered are:

- Your goals & concerns

- Health history

- Lifestyle factors

- Body systems such as digestion

- Nutritional review

- Assessment

- Recommendations

Also Includes:

Systems Survey ($25 value)

Zinc Deficiency Test ($5 value)

Return Visits

30 min   |   $65

Microscope Slide
Functional Non-Invasive Testing

Hair Analysis Lab Test (Heavy Metals & Minerals)  

Adrenal Stress Test

Comprehensive Stool

& Digestive Analysis

Bone Health Panel

Vitamin D Test

Food Sensitivity Test

Food sensitivities can occur

at any age, triggering many different symptoms and contributing to a variety

of disorders including:

- Inflammatory bowel syndrome

- Gas/bloating

- Fatigue

- Mood swings

- Anxiety


- Headaches/migraines

- Skin problems

- Rheumatoid arthritis

- Sinusitis

- Recurrent ear infections

Please ask about other lab tests available.

Herbal Medicine
Products & Services

Standard Process


Gaia Herbs


Restorative Formulas

Microbiome Labs

CellCore Biosciences

21 Day Purification Program

and more.

Whole Food Concentrates & High Quality Herbs

Discover Reasons for Choosing Whole Food Supplements

Public Presentations

(please contact to request)

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